I'm Tess Dziallo, a Los Angeles based designer specializing in UX, Motion Graphics, and AR.


Girl smiling at camera.

B.S. Interaction Design ('23)
A.S. Graphic Design ('21)
Santa Monica College

Hey, I’m Tess Dziallo. My last name is pronounced with a hard “J”, like “JAH-low”, and is Polish for gun (but is technically spelled wrong with two “L”s instead of one, ahaha). I’m a self taught illustrator, passionate about UX, motion graphics, and storytelling. I love identifying and solving the root cause of problems, not just how the visible symptoms can be managed.

When I’m not researching or designing, the main things I like to do are upcycling old clothes, gardening, rewatching or binging shows (and by shows I mean strictly cartoons, anime, and true crime), reading manga (I’m a huge Berserk fanatic; please ask me about the latest chapter!), occasionally playing games, and balancing crafting hobbies like needle felting and embroidery.


Design Intern

June 2020 - Sep. 2020